Friday, May 25, 2001

Quick response to Bonedaddy's In Defense of The X-Files post.

Have you been eating paint chips? Are you smoking crack? True, over it's 20+ year run, Dr. Who produced bad episodes on par with the X-Files finale, but judging each series by its best moments, Dr. Who drowns the X-Files in your high/low-brow mix of fun. And when did the action on the X-Files ever look good? I can't think of a single decent action sequence. When the mannequin hanging off the side of the car in the last episode got whacked in the parking garage? When the mannequin Billy Miles got thrown off the roof of the garage? Finest mannequin action sequences ever!!! Oi. Sadly, these were the best action sequences on the X-Files. I've been catching bits and pieces of the old shows in reruns and I'm not seeing a portrait of the times. I'm seeing godawful scripting. "What are you trying to say Mulder?" What do you fucking think, Scully? The same thing he's trying to say in every fucking episode. I'm seeing typical horror movie gimmicks to manufacture suspense and a philosophy of style over substance that's, as Mega pointed out, all tease and no satisfaction. OK, I'm just ranting now. Must settle down. Good acting?!? Sure, from the occasional guest star: Peter Boyle, Charles Nelson Reilly, and I can't think of any others.
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