Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Running Over Cancer 5K 2017

It was just a "participation medal." But I still like it!

The ROC5K was my second 5K at the Cary Soccer complex, the SPCA run was also held there, and I was ready with potential excuses for not doing better than my last time running it, or my last race: got sick and missed days of running; it was cold after a morning snow; I biked on the Weds before the race and wrecked my legs, couldn't recover fast enough ...

But I don't need them, managed to set a new personal best, better even than my best practice run to date.

Now I've got a 5K lull until the Fuquay race this summer and need to keep biking for the longer term goal of completing a Sprint Triathlon in the Fall. So not knowing where I'll be with the training regimen changing, and how the coming warm weather will effect me, won't set a goal for the Run the Quay race yet, but I'd really like to keep getting faster these next few months and show marked improvement. 22:00 feels out of reach -- a time would've been competitive for my age group in this race  -- but maybe a time under 24 minutes isn't out of the question?

Race 1 - "Decem-burrrrr Dash" - 12/3/16 - 29:10
Race 2 - "SPCA Hot Chocolate Run" - 1/15/17 - 28:25
Race 3 - "I Heart 5K" - 2/11/17 - 26:58
Race 4 - "Running Over Cancer 5K" [official results] - 3/12/2017 - 25:32

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