Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Sometimes, Living Here In NC Is Exhausting

Tar Heel family illustrates why Trump appeals to the South | PBS NewsHour

PETE TILLY: This is my first time I have ever worked on political campaign. My family members are joining me, my son, my daughter-in-law, and my grandchild. It’s been such an awesome experience.

And, father God, we just thank you that you’re going to use Donald Trump for your glory in your kingdom, oh, father God.
Just beneath surface, barely concealed*, is the discernible motivation that drives this family. At no point do they come out and say it, but there's only one reason they're so willing to vote against their economic interests and support a demagogue.

I say "barely concealed," but they're actually in plain sight.
It's what they have in common with Trump: white supremacist ideological underpinnings. They want to send their kids to college, so clearly Sanders or Clinton make more sense for them. Their fears reinforce their feelings of supremacy though, and Trump is the man who speaks to them. (I was told to speak English when I came here, and I conformed, says the father -- a white man who came from Montreal as a child -- anyone who doesn't should go home. The unconscious bias on display is that his experience as a white Christian trumps all others.)

* In case you're not familiar with the code, H is the 8th letter of the alphabet. 88 is code for HH, which is short for Heil Hitler. Incredibly, this was never mentioned in the report.

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