Monday, March 7, 2016

Common Sense Explains Why Voting for Any Neoliberal Will ‘Spread Terrorism'

Julian Assange Explains Why Voting for Hillary Clinton Will ‘Spread Terrorism’ - Truthdig

Stating that Clinton went above the heads of Pentagon generals when it came to Libya, he wrote: “Libya has been destroyed. It became a haven for ISIS. The Libyan national armory was looted and hundreds of tons of weapons were transferred to jihadists in Syria.”

He went on to state that Clinton did not learn from her mistakes, and set out to repeat history in Syria.

“Having learned nothing from the Libyan disaster Hillary then set about trying do the same in Syria. Hillary’s war has increased terrorism, killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians and has set back women’s rights in the Middle East by hundreds of years,” he wrote
I post this not to single out Hillary, because certainly a vote for any Republican will have the same result, and even Bernie Sanders has sounded more militaristic on occasion than I'm comfortable with.

Dr. Jill Stein is the only candidate who has never sounded like a blood-thirsty imperialist.

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