Tuesday, February 9, 2016

New Hampshire Feels the Bern

Bernie Sanders Wins Democratic New Hampshire Primary | Mother Jones

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont was declared the winner of the New Hampshire Democratic presidential primary as soon as polls closed at 8 p.m. EST on Tuesday night. Results are still trickling in at the moment—some polling locations are still open to accommodate people in line at the cutoff time—but it looks like Sanders will likely defeat former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by double digits.
Iowa and New Hampshire are small, very white states. It's possible to read too much into this and, predictably, the hot takes are flying. That said, it's also possible to dismiss the Sanders win as nothing more than a popular neighbor winning where of course he was going to win; that's also a mistake though. The young and folks making less than $200k per year are breaking big for Bernie. Way big. Which is encouraging.

That Sanders will likely not do as well in upcoming "SEC" primaries and Nevada could disillusion those precise groups Sanders is doing well with now, the ones facing the harshest realities and for whom the stakes are the highest. As Clinton's delegate totals start to run up, we'll see whether Sanders's supporters become dispirited and resigned to a Clinton candidacy. If so, all that talk about the future of the party being the Sanders/Warren wing starts to fade away ...

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