Friday, October 16, 2015

الوطن عنصري

Artists got ‘Homeland is racist’ Arabic graffiti into the latest episode of ‘Homeland’ - The Washington Post [post]

Three artists say they were hired by a production company in June to paint graffiti as a way to bolster the aesthetic authenticity of the set on the outskirts of Berlin. But rather than scrawl the fake refugee camp with pro-President Bashar al-Assad graffiti, they hatched another plan, Cairo-based artist Heba Amin told The Washington Post: "What if we could use this as an opportunity to be subversive, to make a point with it?"
I've never seen an episode of Homeland, because it looked like it would be. Heard on the radio today though that they producers weren't that upset about it and credited artists who #HomelandHack-ed them for their brass.

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