Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Launch of Eruditorum Press

Eruditorum Press: A Manifesto | Eruditorum Press

One of the most absolutely satisfying things about my blogging career over the past few years has been the fellow travelers I’ve met and befriended. I’ve become a part of an intellectual circle of critics, not through any active attempt to create a critical empire, but just because I’ve had the honor of meeting cool and brilliant people doing cool and brilliant work. Which, now that I think of the implications under late capitalism, is appalling. I should absolutely have a critical empire, dammit, and so now I’m making one.
Many of us on the left are fuming about MSNBC's gradual conversion into Fox News Lite, kneeling to shine the shoes of fascist buffoon Donald Trump, so this comes as great news. It's not answer to that problem, but it is the answer to a host of others. If ever a website could brandish a "This url kills fascists" sticker, what we've got now with Phil, Jane, and Jack under one roof, ought to be it.

Add them to your sidebars, RSS feeds, whatever you do to keep up with your favorite websites.

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