Thursday, October 2, 2014

CBS, ’60 Minutes,’ reject Ron Reagan’s ‘unabashed atheist’ ad - @ffrf

CBS, ’60 Minutes,’ reject Ron Reagan’s ‘unabashed atheist’ ad - Freedom From Religion Foundation

“Why are atheism and freethought still treated as socially unacceptable, even though fully a fifth of the population has no religion today?” Gaylor asked? “If anything should be socially unacceptable, it ought to be blind deference to religion.”
And yet, it's perfectly acceptable to broadcast ads that distort the records of public officials and misrepresent the positions of candidates for public office as a matter of course. Shady political organization looking to spread misinformation and attack the principles of open, fair elections? You're good. Want to ask for respect for the Constitution and promote secular values? F*ck off.

Here's the ad that CBS wouldn't run lest they offend the delicate sensibilities of their viewers:

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