Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Second verse, same as the first ... another day, another championship. #bleedblue #UConn

They've Been Flawless When It Counted The Most -

 UConn Women 40-0 National Champs
Another front page devoted to a championship
This is the one we all kind of expected, not to take anything away from ND, but it would have been surprising if this UConn team had lost. Not unthinkable, not impossible, just ... so unlikely. And so, once again, UConn holds both championships at the same time, joining the 2003/2004 squads as the only others to accomplish the feat. 2004, what year, I remember it well because the first dual championships for UConn basketball were the same year the Red Sox brought home a championship for the first time in forever. Of course, the Sox've got a few more since, including 2013, so it feels a little greedy to hope they'll able to but a bow on 2014 as well.

Now we look forward to departing senior Stefanie Dolson in a dance-off with the President, maybe swinging by the Tonight Show -- I'm sure Jimmy Fallon got the memo -- and, back on the hardwoods, to Breanna Stewart returning for junior year. Yeah, she's only a sophomore.

Thanks in large part to Geno and the women's program, UConn is now 13-0 in NCAA championship games. The men have captured four in the last fifteen years. (That's sick, by the way.) I bet by tomorrow, if not already, Geno will be hard at work on getting the women's tenth next year.

It's good to be in Husky Nation. That is all.

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