Monday, March 10, 2014

The Case For Columbo

The Case For Columbo

 Columbo via the toast

And do not allow yourself to believe for even one second that there are not deeply classist, capitalist reasons Sherlock abounds in this day and age of ours, while Columbo does not. Sherlock is more often than not nowadays played as relatively young and good-looking, self-aggrandizing and mercurial and aristocratic, a troubled genius too good for the idiotic plebes that surround him; Columbo is blue-collar and humble. Real Marxists love Columbo.
The issue I have with the post linked and quoted here is with regard to what it has to say about Doctor Who.
The answer, of course, is to turn Columbo into America’s Doctor Who (but, you know, good): reboot it every five to ten years with an entirely new detective, a bit more gently grizzled than the detective who came before, but always with the same trench coat and glass eye.
Despite our deep disagreement about Doctor Who, I otherwise endorse the opinions expressed.


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