Thursday, July 18, 2013

Quatermass (1979): Testing the Boundaries of My Tolerance for Dated, Questionably-Acted British Sci-Fi of the 1970s

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MacCorkindale as Kapp and Mills as Quatermass try to talk to a leader of the "Planet People"
Tried watching the 1979 Quatermass with John Mills and Simon ("Manimal") MacCorkindale last night. I think I'll wait until Quatermass and the Pit is available through netflix before I try anything like that again. That was ... rough going. If I didn't have a Doctor Who sitting on top of the TV waiting to be watched, I might have given this another episode to hook me -- it had some glimmers of promise -- but I'm going to focus on the one show for the foreseeable future and hold off on the deeper research into that particular genre.

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