Sunday, March 31, 2013

The Bells of Saint John - "Run, you clever boy, and remember."

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Who is Clara Oswald? What does the Doctor need to remember? Is it Clara reminding the Doctor of something, or is there another agent behind her mysterious nature?

This wasn't a great episode, apart from re-examining it for clues, and for those moments of chemistry between the Doctor and this newest iteration of Clara, I'm not sure what it has going for it in terms of re-watchability? It's full of set up, reintroducing the mystery Clara, re-establishing their dynamic, hints to things from the past that may have portent for the near future ... but because I'm posting this pretty soon after first airing, I'm going to hide the rest of my notes behind the spoiler barrier. (The fact that I'm looking for clues to the bigger story though, and not really discussing this episode as a story in and of itself, should be all you need to know about what I think is wrong it.)

"Summer Falls," by Amelia Williams via omnisam


  1. Well, I really enjoyed the episode. The transition from one Companion (or Doctor) to a new one is always rough. I like the 11th Doctor and I love Clara so that was enough to make me happy.

    I found the Amelia Williams reference confusing because Karen Gillan clearly said she didn't want to make return visits to the show. That is also the reason for the quite unbelievable statement at the end of Angels Take Manhattan when The Doctor said he could never see the Ponds again after the Weeping Angels sent them back in time. That always seemed like a statement that brought more questions than answers.

    1. After complaining about re-watchability, it turns out I've watched it thrice now, twice last night and again today because the kids wanted to see it, too. :P

      Jenna Louise-Coleman is brilliant. She brings such great wit and intelligence to Clara. It's actually the Doctor I want more from; he seems to only really come alive when he's playing off her, which may be sort of the point, but I'm hoping his quips will eventually catch up to hers. Not that I don't like Matt Smith, I do, it's just that Clara's "snog box" line was the kind that makes you genuinely laugh out loud, and Matt's not getting quite the same level of material. Is it petulant of me to want the Doctor to be the most interesting person in the TARDIS? Maybe. But I'll never complain about Jenna Louise-Coleman, she's been so good as Clara/Oswin each outing, it's her I'm looking forward to most ...

      As far as the Doctor not being able to see the Pond/Williamses again, that never really made any sense to me. I gather they're really not coming back, so I'm groping for explanations why they've got folks reading Amy's book? And what's the tear-jerker in Chapter 11? Is that a reference to what's already happened? Or what's to come? So many questions. I just hope it all makes sense in the end.


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