Sunday, November 13, 2011

Gourd Museum, Angier, NC

"I wish there was a place to see a variety of gourd things all in one place at any time, rather than just once a year at the gourd festival." "Somebody oughta start a museum!"
Guess what... Somebody did!
Was doing a little searching for attractions around Fuquay-Varina and came across this. I'm not a aficionado of the gourd or anything, but it's close enough to poke a head one of these days.

I've never really thought about what sort of quirky museum I would open if I were an opener of quirky museums with the land, building, time, and resources to take on the project. I think Dr. Who collectibles must have been done already. It might be fun to do one for jai-alai though. I've got a few cestas lying around, the odd program. and I think the interactive area would be a bunch of fun. Probably not in the right area for jai-alai though. I'm about as far from the current or former site of a jai-alai fronton as one can be on the east coast, about halfway between Connecticut and Florida -- the only states I know of that have (or had) live jai-alai.

In case you were wondering, my favorite quirky museum is the <strike>Mt. Horeb</strike> National Mustard Museum, which has apparently moved since my last visit.
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