Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is This It? (Triptych Cryptic Import)

Appears to be. I feel like after ten-and-a-smidgin years there should be some kind of rave-up blowout farewell tour instead of this sort of staggering marathon runner crashing in a twitchy, sweating heap at the finish line ending.  But here it is.  Blogger's shutting off FTP, we're all kind of busy all over the place, and it's finally time to shut it down.

I'm not sure when the whole thing will go away; it's possible this will just linger here for a while until our ownership of the domain name expires.  I don't even know how to redirect yet, so I'll plug my solo blog one last time: Cryptonaut-in-Exile (  There, in addition to the occasional blog post, you'll also find widgets for my friendfeed, gReader, and twitter accounts. I'm cdogzilla wherever I am, so look me up. I'm social like that.

Thanks to everyone who's participated in one way or another along the way: my dear friends who've posted at one time or another here; commenters, when we had commenting;  to A1pha over at YOY who graciously let us squat on his server; all the blogs that provided inspiration -- Ghost in the Machine, to my mind, first and foremost; and, of course, to the missus for putting up with me slouching at the computer over the years broadcasting my geekery/atheism/politcal ranting to a largely indifferent cyberverse when I probably ought to have been doing more of the housework or something. 
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