Sunday, October 25, 2009

Random Book, Random Passage #7

The Saint in Action, by Leslie Charteris.  A 1980 edition of the 1937 short story collection I picked up at Books 'N Such in Springfield, MA back in the mid 80s.  I was hoping to land on The Last Action Hero, my favorite of the Saint series, but am hoping a passage here will stir some memories of reading this one.
"You ruddy bastard --"

"That'll do, " Simon intervened crisply.  "And I wouldn't take any chances with my health if I were you, brother.  That Betsy of Hoppy's would just about blow you in half, and he's rather sensitive about his family.  We'll go on talking to you presently."

He turned to the others.

"I don't know how it strikes any of you bat-eyed brigands," he said, "but I've got a feeling that this is the best break we've had yet.  After all, a lot of weird things happen in this world of sin, buy you don't usually find girls in overalls riding on smugglers' trucks with a cargo of contraband swagger soup."

"You do when you hold 'em up, " said Peter stoically.
Yeah, fun stuff.  Makes we want to pour a glass of the ol' swagger soup and finish the story. It's a shame the Val Kilmer movie a few years back didn't lead to a revival.  Kilmer wasn't the right guy for the role though and I doubt we'll see another series or movie any time soon.  A shame, really.  AMC or Turner Classic played some of the old George Sanders Saint movies not that long ago. I was impressed by Sanders as Templar but not much else.  The novels and stories are just sitting there waiting to be made into a franchise for whoever the next George Clooney is.
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