Friday, June 23, 2006

Back to the Future

Kiss my shiny metal ass! Comedy Central is reviving Futurama. Also, there are Iron Man and Watchmen movie updates on the wire this morning.

I'd skipped over the blurb about Matt Damon being eyed for the young James T. Kirk role in Abrams's upcoming Star Trek movie -- based on his Bourne movie roles and ability to chew scenery, I think he could handle the action convincingly and Shatner it up a bit -- but I have wondered who might be in line for the Spock and McCoy roles.

For Spock, the first few faces that popped to mind, in no particular order, were Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Dacascos, John Cho (Harold in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle), and Josh Hartnett.

For young McCoy I think Vince Vaughn would've been great ... 10 years ago (and McCoy probably shouldn't tower over Kirk) ... and for some reason Neil Patrick Harris comes to mind. That could just be on account of his recent run of mentions on this blog. If Kevin Spacey were younger, he'd be great too. Who's the next Kevin Spacey? That's who I'd see as Bones.
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