Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Did Sci-Fi Pass on the New Doctor Who?

... Sources tell IGNFF, Sci Fi Channel has already had a chance at the new series and passed after viewing some of the completed episodes. Some of the executives at the network found the series somewhat lacking and didn't think it would fit into the network's schedule[IGN]
According to the article, other reviewers have had a better reaction.
Q Magazine, a popular UK music magazine, has dubbed the new series "must see viewing" in a review published this past week.

Reviewer Boyd Hilton (also the TV editor for Heat Magazine) appears to have seen several completed episodes and was very impressed with what he saw. Describing the series as "every bit as good as its 70's heyday", Hilton also remarks that "you don't need to be a geek to enjoy it."
Eccleston I already liked from "The Second Coming," and I caught Billie Piper in "The Miller's Tale" the other night -- she seems like she's got more acting chops than any of the Doctor's companions since ... well, you might have to go back to the the Romanas to find another as comfortable in front of the camera. I've still got high hopes for the quality of the new series.

Actually, if this is indeed one of the new baddies, I think I detect a bit of Farscape influence, which could be a good thing.
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