Friday, March 7, 2003

I'm Glad *He's* At Peace About It

I think Fineman, in describing W.'s morning in rapturous detail, left out the part where he gets down on his knees and shines the Presidential knob. How about this spiritual Christian guy's tendency to war monger? The journalism is deep and illuminating here as he writes:
He knew that many people—including some at the table—saw the conflict as pre-emptive and unjust. (“I couldn’t imagine Jesus delivering a message of war to a cheering crowd, as I just heard the president do,” one participant, Charles Strobel, said later.) But, the president said, America had to see that it is “encountering evil” in the form of Saddam Hussein. The country had no choice but to confront it, by war if necessary. “If anyone can be at peace,” Bush said, “I am at peace about this.”
How you can twist Christianity into a religion that supports waging a 'pre-emptive' war is beyond me. If that's your religion, you're welcome to it, but fer cryin' out loud, couldn't you just stick to speaking in tongues and snake handling at church and find a better way to handle this issue?
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