Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Marathon Man

Caught the last 5 hours of fX's 24 marathon Monday night (needed to veg for a bit after an exhausting, but fun!, vacation weekend) and now get what the buzz was about. Good show. (I got pulled into Alias last year the same way. A few years back, it was CourtTV that got me into Homicide with the marathon, though the show was already done. The marathon works for me. It's much easier for me to get engaged in a show when I don't have to wait a week between installments.) Now I've got another show I've got to figure out how to slot in. Or, now that series are coming out on DVD left and right, maybe I can just stop watching and wait until I can watch a whole run at a time. New shows I'm officially looking forward to seeing this fall: Firefly, Birds of Prey, and the corny show I'll give a shot because I like the premise ... That Was Then. I have a feeling that after the first week, Firefly is the only one in which I'll still be interested. 24, Alias, Angel, Bernie Mac, Buffy (I'm giving it a shot but if I'm still burned out 2 or 3 shows in, it's off the A list.), Smallville (gulp!), and The West Wing are the only returning shows I'll make an effort to catch.
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