Friday, September 24, 2021

RTD Redux

Legit confused and not sure how I feel about RTD returning to Who.

Never stopped watching even though the weird pro-Amazon episode basically killed my will to keep writing about it. Jodie is great but Chibnall has been an almost entirely unmitigated disaster. 

This news doesn't change the fact I was going to keep watching every new episode anyways. However, if I were going to go back and re-write my early reviews of his first run there's no avoiding the fact he ran a show where two recurring cast members were allowed to create a toxic environment that, in retrospect, probably explain why Chris Eccleston left and never looked back.

I guess the JMS campaign never really had a shot, and may not have been that great an idea anyways, but I'm curious if the BBC considered any showrunners who could've come in with a new approach -- without any baggage.

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