Thursday, January 21, 2016

Just Busy Is All ...


Yep, I've watched "The Husbands of River Song" and hope to finally get my review post up this weekend. Trying to think of a way to incorporate thoughts on the other Moffat-y holiday special, "The Abominable Bride" along with it; but, things have been more hectic than normal since the run-up to the holidays, our family trip to Utah, my weeks of illness (nothing major, just a stubborn, exhausting chest cold and sinus infection -- all better now), and I'll probably need a refresher re-watch before finishing it up.

Also have it in mind it's time to make a mix CD for one of my distant friends. Am leaning towards a theme like North Carolina music through the years -- but not the stadium fillers like Clay Aiken, James Taylor, and Ben Folds, nor the folk/bluegrass/country old-timey stuff we're known for (though the Carolina Chocolate Drops will almost certainly be represented). Want to design it up like how archaeologists of post-anthropocene Earth, the highly evolved descendants of today's cockroaches, might speculate Hopscotch looked based on the scant few clues our civilization will leave behind.

This is all by way of saying I didn't want you all -- or you, if there's only one of you left -- to think I'd forgotten about the joint.

Anything you'd like to discuss in the meantime? #OscarsSoWhite? Me, I'd love to see more folks join Jada Pinkett Smith, her hubs, Spike Lee, and Michael Moore in declining to attend on principle. Actually, I'd especially like to see more Anglo actors and filmmakers step up and call out their brethren (my people, the "whites") ... keep Chris Rock as host, let the audience be nearly all black, asian, and latino; let's see how that ceremony goes and what we'd hear about the Academy being run as a white supremacist group then. I'd pop corn and watch the hell out of that. I bet Ruffalo's down.

As it is, I expected I'll just read about it the next day and see what highlights come out of it.

Or, we could marvel at the observation that David Bowie died, and suddenly there's a ninth planet out there.

And, no, none of us were the first to hope it has a satellite we could name the "Alan Rick-Moon."

What else you got? Palin and Trump forming a mutual admiration society to amplify the accusation that Obama made Palin's son into a domestic abuser? Are there more despicable people alive than the GOP's celebrity grifters?

Snowstorm bearing down on the Northeast so climate denialists can point to snow somewhere on Earth where it's winter and deliberately not talk about how hot 2015 was?

Did I mention yet that we cut the cord and dropped cable? SlingTV,, Hulu, Netflix, and Prime covering most of the bases, only struggle so far has been not being able to see the Huskies on the ESPN app. Treme, you guys. I think a lot of us slept on Treme. Finally gave House of Cards a try as well and might get hooked ... but I feel like they're walking a fine line when it comes to product placement. I don't mind my characters using brands, I mean, we all do, that's life. However, the degree to which a show can draw attention to it, or pretend it's not drawing attention to it, and still be a drama (as opposed to a fancy commercial) is the question ...

Oh, and how could I forget about the Duke losing streak?! How great is that? The way it rolls of the tongue ... Duke losing streak. Coach K so pissed he can't remember how to shake hands. Maybe the only good thing about 2016 so far?

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