Saturday, January 17, 2015

“You’re a tyrant to the Constitution!”

So why don’t [State legislators gung-ho for open carry everywhere else] allow guns in the state capitols where they work? Surely they could arm themselves and all the staff and kill the bad guys before too many of them got killed just like the scene they paint of your average gun altercation in any other workplace. But then they would personally be in danger wouldn’t they? ... Here’s a South Dakota legislator explaining why he needs to be protected from guns but his constituents don’t:
“We have the most contentious issues being debated in public policy, affecting people in irate, angrily ways and affecting millions and millions of dollars,” Hickey says of the copper-domed capital in Pierre, where he sponsored a bill that allows some teachers to carry firearms in schools but opposed one that would let law-abiding citizens bring them into the statehouse. “This is different than when you go work at the bar,” he says. “This is different than you working at the bank.” 
That’s so true. There are very few irate angry arguments in bars. And money is irrelevant when you work in a bank. 
In which states can Gun Totin' True Patriots carry firearms in to watch their legislators in action?

"At least 12 states allow citizens to bring firearms into capitol buildings, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. In Idaho, an open-carry state, armed visitors to the capitol can just walk in; and in Texas, concealed-carry permit holders use a separate entrance lane to bypass metal detectors. In Wisconsin, guns are permitted in some areas of the capitol in Madison, including the floors of both legislative chambers and in the viewing gallery of the assembly. Indiana allows legislators and judges, but not citizens, to carry firearms in the statehouse." [Bloomberg Businessweek]

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