Friday, February 21, 2014

Whispering in @amazon's ear: #BringBackDirkGently Dirk Gently [HD]: Season 1, Episode 1 "Pilot [HD]": Amazon Instant Video

Well, here's a brilliant series unjustly neglected, left on the rubbish bin of TV history when it's every bit as good as Sherlock. It's mining a different vein, so we're not going apples-to-apples here, but both are detective series featuring a daft genius with a more socially adept partner/sidekick solving crimes in their own inimitable fashion. With Dirk though, there's a direct line to it's sci-fi roots in the Douglas Adams books although the series is a rather loose adaptation. Sherlock is flashier and more worshipful of its brilliant character ... Dirk is much less stylish, but a bit more sophisticated in the construction of its mysteries. Anyways, I'm not trying to set up a Dirk v. Sherlock debate, there's more than enough room for both and the problem I'm trying to stir interest in is that only the flash one is actually still in production.

I'm watching Dirk on Amazon, where it seems like a natural fit and could easily replace Chris Carter's rather grim and soulless The After in the online giant's stable of pilots-longing-be-series. We're a few years past its end, but if Stephen Mangan's comments are any indication, I shouldn't think it would be that difficult to get him back if the production team could be restored?

Judging by the cobwebs on the Bring Back Dirk Gently facebook page, I'm not exactly representing the views of a silent majority, but it does give me the idea to see if any interest could be mustered even at this late date in agitating for Amazon, or Hulu, or Netfilix, or HBO, or FXX or some network producing new episodes. Hence, a new facebook page to promote the goal: Bring Back Dirk Gently!

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