Monday, February 18, 2013

Philosophers and scientists getting to the bottom of things on the @state_of_things

Philosopher Searches For The Origin Of The Psychopath | WUNC


“Many people have some of these traits,” said Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, professor of philosophy at Duke University, during an interview on the State of Things. “The thing about psychopathy is it’s a perfect storm.”
Heard the tail end of this on the way to the vet's this afternoon so I came home to catch it from the beginning. What caught my attention was the discussion of how the formulation of non-ambiguous questions and the perspective of the philosopher working with the scientist to design studies is helping to increase our understanding of the roots of psychopathy.

Related: Dr. Michael Caldwell on the treatment of psychopaths.

In case you're wondering why the atheism label on this post, it's meant to underscore that philosophers and scientists can work together because they are both honestly engaged in attempting to gain a deeper understanding of reality. They are not working in the magisterium of the theologian. 

I'd already applied the label before I had listened to the point the discussion turned to theism, the Problem of Evil, and religious morality.

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