Friday, June 26, 2009

The Specials

'Doctor Who: The Next Doctor' review - Sepinwall on TV -
"'I'm The Doctor,' goes a familiar refrain from David Tennant early in 'Doctor Who: The Next Doctor,' the latest installment of the British sci-fi institution.
'Doctor who?' his new friend Rosita asks.

'Just The Doctor,' he explains patiently, having been through several hundred similar gags about the difference between the title of the series and of its main character.

'Well, there can't be two of you!' she objects, before introducing him to the man that she knows as 'The Doctor.'"
Wow. I must've been busier than I realized. This completely snuck up on me! I was thinking it was still months before the last Tennant specials showed over here, but "The Next Doctor" is tomorrow and "Planet of the Dead" is next month.
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