Friday, May 29, 2009

Waiting for Sam Spade

My Favorite Movies After the 5K Pole: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon looks like a lock to hold the top spot until The Maltese Falcon is added to flickchart's database.

Tangentially, I finally saw The Dark Knight and have to say I was sorely disappointed.  I was going along with it until the end when (I'm assuming everyone has it seen it by now and spoiler alerts are unnecessary)  Gordon and Wayne cooked up the lame and patronizing "Batman must become scapegoat so Dent can remain a hero" scheme.  The idea that the general public can't handle the truth and needs their cherished heroes to be untarnished is so insulting that for the filmmakers to play it out like the characters were making the heroic choice was nauseating.   The ending ruined the whole thing for me.  Bah.
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