Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just Like a Scot to Bring a Caber to Cricket Match

Yeah, this is a cricket post. For real. For real real. I know it's NCAA tourney time, but my brackets are blown, the men aren't playing, the women are still on cruise control, and baseball is still a few weeks away. The Cricket World Cup is being played in the West Indies and there's legit Cricket Fever going on up in here.

Cricket is huge in India. Tear-the-wicket-keeper's-house-down-if-they-lose huge. I mostly hang out with the Indian guys at work so I'm caught up in the fever. Ikram's Bangladeshi, actually, but that's part of the drama. Bangladesh pulled a stunning upset of India the other day and stands a chance of making the Super 8. If Bangladesh beats Sri Lanka today, they will be in great shape (and I will get a free lunch). So I'm getting pulled into the world of cricket here at work.

Scotland is in for the second time in the history of World Cup play. First time since 1999 when they got it handed to them. That seems to be happening again, but not much was expected of them. I'm pulling for my people to at least manage a draw in this Cup. The Irish managed to upset Pakistan -- a defeat that seems to have lead directly to the death of the Pakistani coach (heart condition or something more sinister?) -- so maybe Scotland can manage a shocker as well. Or not.

The game is actually fun to watch and there are some good stories, Dwayne Leverock, for example. Finding a stream to watch is difficult but not impossible and tv coverage here is spotty to say the least. When you can track down CNN's World Sport show, you can get highlights, but otherwise it's pretty much a web only thing. The terminology is so different from what I'm used to, it took me a while to catch on, but I'm learning the game and the scoring well enough that I can tell what's going on. The Bangladeshis won the toss and have taken the field ... it's on.

Update: It looks like Woolmer's death may have been something more sinister after all.
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