Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I Fought the Law and I Won

Even though it was incredibly inconvenient, I went to hearing last night in Mansfield to appeal a parking ticket I got at the train station last month. I was in a legit spot and paid my two clams in the box but got ticketed anyways. Nice crowd at the town hall, very friendly, not the group of vaguely suspicious looking miscreants I packed in with a few years back in Woonsocket when I appealed a moving a violation. No judge this time, just an amiable clerk who didn't need to hear my theory (Susan B. Anthony dollars mistaken for quarters by a harried collector?) and waived the fine based on a double payment logged in the records that day. I suppose it's possible I paid the wrong slot, in which case anybody else who got a ticket for non-payment that day would be the off the hook as well. Justice has been served.

My branch gives me rolls of Sacajawea dollars now, instead of the Susie Bs, so if it was coin confusion, it shouldn't happen again. All of this serves to remind that the Susan B. Anthony dollar may be the unit of currency with the best song written about it: The Junkers "Susan B. Anthony Dollar Rag."
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