Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Piggybacking on the upcoming release of Peter Jackson's King Kong, two of my channels showed the original and the '76 remake. Piggybacking on the fact that I had nothing to do, I managed to catch the endings to both within 45 minutes of each other. The only thing I can say about the first one is that it's not as good as I remember. (Hard to beat the experience of seeing it as a nine year old and not knowing what will happen.)

The second one was just laugh out loud funny, though. The guy in the monkey suit doesn't event pretend to act like an ape. He walks upright. He kind of saunters around, like he's looking for his mark and not aware they're filming. Also, Jeff Bridges wears the same beard Jeff Daniels will use 24 years later in The Squid and the Whale, meaning I will confuse the two for the next decade. Finally, how could they end the movie without, "It was beauty that killed the beast"?

This means that I probably won't be seeing the new version anytime soon. Watching two Kong death dives in rapid succession - in the original he bounces of the ledges of the Empire State Building in a Homer-esque fashion - saps my excitment.
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