Thursday, November 10, 2005

Another List to Nitpick

Empire's 50 Greatest Independent Films
  • Sideways at #9?! Shouldn't be on the list. I chuckled a few times, sure, I'm not saying it's a bad movie ... it's just not anywhere near that good.
  • Sex, Lies, and Videotape? I must be the only person that thinks this is, maybe, Soderbergh's 5th best movie.
  • I'm less bothered by The Usual Suspects at #8. It would be on my list of 50, just not near the top.
  • The Terminator's inclusion, I wouldn't have thought it was 'indie'? But I guess when James Cameron does it, he just goes big.
  • 29th seems like a reach for Keitel's The Bad Lieutenant. I was bored and didn't pay much attention to it, so I don't remember it too well. But, I can't believe it's a good sign that what I remember about it is being bored and thinking "overrated."
  • The Blair Witch Project ahead of Grosse Point Blanke? I think not. At least flip them, then drop BWP (off the list) and push GPB up a few more places.
  • There's no way El Mariachi should've been the last one in.
  • Swingers belongs in the top 20, not at the back end.
  • City of God at #17 is better than at least 5 of the movies rated ahead of it.
The good thing about lists like this is there are a bunch of movies (seventeen, I think) on there that I haven't seen ... a few of which look interesting enough to add to my Netflix queue. I'm not much of a gross out/horror movie guy, so I really have no desire to see, for example, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. However, speaking of gross horror, where the heck is Peter Jackson's Dead Alive?! That's a Top Tenner they missed!

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