Tuesday, October 4, 2005


The missus and I saw Serenity last night and we both thought it was brilliant. I'm not going to give it a full on review, so no spoilers, but I am strongly encouraging people who might be on the fence to see it. It's smart, funny, well-written, chock full o' action, and, while I think it stands alone just fine, it definitely has some big time pay-offs for fans of the show.

I guess it's not burning up the box office, so see it on big screen while you can.

Nitpicks? Yeah, a few. I liked the tv theme, the music in the film is OK, but I really would've preferred they'd stayed truer to the sound of the show. It's not until the very end of the credits that they break out the guitar and give you a full-on (no vocals) return to the original theme. Also, I felt the Book character got slighted, we were just getting to know him on the show and he's hardly in the movie at all: sad. Finally, Action Movie Cliche #177-B is in full effect: whenever a someone shoots somone else who is not shirtless in the chest, the shootee will be wearing body armor, making you groan and say to yourself "why don't they ever aim for the head?"
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