Monday, April 4, 2005

Back from Spring Training

The missus and I got back from sunny Florida this afternoon. We had a great trip. Saw the Sox play at Brighthouse Field [virtual tour/ Tif and I in the stands]against the Phillies while visiting with family in the Tampa area. My Aunt Linda showed us a painting she's working on for me that I am very psyched and geeked up to receive in the mail shortly. I'll be posting a picture once it comes. Think chimps.

From Tampa, we moved down the Gulf Coast to Sarasota and took in a Cinci v. Minnesota game. We also went to the beach at Siesta Keys while there. Very nice.

From there, we went a little farther south to Fort Meyers and saw the Sox again. Directly from that game we drove across Florida (flat and boring, like northern Ohio and Indiana) to Stuart (just north of West Palm Beach). We were there for a friend's wedding but I got to take in another game at Tradition Field -- Mets vs. Dodgers. I'm pretty sunburnt.

The games were all a blast and I'll be putting some photos up on Flickr after we unpack the camera and memory cards. While we were down there, I caught a matinee of Sin City. It was OK but didn't exactly blow me away. The groom showed us NASA's World Wind program -- easily the coolest satellite imagery tool I've seen so far.

Come back to find that not only do I have a hammerlock on the bragging rights bracket challenge at ESPN ... I stand to pull in some scratch if UNC wins tonight in this pool where my name is misspelled. Go 'Heels!
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