Friday, November 12, 2004

'04 Prediction Check

Here's what I wrote back in January:
1. Dean.

2. Red Sox in 6.

3. 3 UConn players drafted in the first round.

4. The world events equivalent of "US v. Iraq" in 2003 will be "China v. somebody" in 2004.
1. Well, he's still in the news.

2. Close enough ... it was Red Sox in 4.

3. Gordon, Okafor, Taurasi. That was a gimme. I should've predicted the dual National Championships. 2004 turned out to be the greatest year in the history sport.

4. Not really close. Although ... a Chinese sub just showed up off the coast of Okinawa and the Japanese aren't thrilled about it. "US v. Iraq 2004" is the closest world events equivalent to "US v. Iraq 2003". Looks like more of the same for 2005.
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