Thursday, April 29, 2004

Now That I've Started Tracking It, I Just Can't Stop

Looks like some of the lost Who episodes of the Hartnell and Troughton years will see their surviving fragments collected into multi-disc set. Pertwee, Tom Baker, and Peter Davison are my Whos of choice, but I've been checking out the older eps and will probably continue picking up the "off-Who" stories to satisfy my obsessive completist bent. (Kind of like how I keep getting the new Fall cd though even though I only ever listen to the ones up through "Shift Work".) I actually do like Troughton (Eccleston cites Patrick as an influence and calls his Who "compelling and a little bit frightening") but find his era a little hard to watch: hard to maintain suspension of disbelief when a show's writers have a character who is supposed to be a scientific genius launch into clunky (and head-scratchingly wrong) exposition about magnetism.

HD may or not be glad to know, if he doesn't already, that the skull busting"Curse of Fenric" from the McCoy era, the one that left us stunned and disoriented when we first watched it, will be out June 1st.
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