Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Fancy A Bit Of Rough?

"Dingo ate my baby!"

I'm puzzled about the concern expressed by Dr. Wilton: "[he] warned that unless steps were taken to protect dingoes from continued cross-breeding with domestic dogs, they could be extinct within 50 years." The concern isn't that the ecosystem will be destroyed because packs of wild dogs will no longer be roaming the Australian wild, it's that the packs of wild dogs won't be pure breed in-breds. Is it really extinction if a species brings in some new bloodlines? And how prevalent are dingo-housedog liasons? Is this guy trying to say Aussie poodles fancy a bit of rough?

In other animal news, I forgot to blog the rogue gorilla update yesterday. Dube-Monkey forwarded me the link. After reading the story, discovering the gorilla had roamed a neighborhood near the zoo, I asked him how he would react if he was sitting out on his back porch after dinner, relaxing with a cup of coffee, gazing at the stars, and suddenly A ROGUE GORILLA JUMPED OUT OF THE BUSHES AT HIM!? I mean, can you imagine? He doesn't miss a beat, "welcome to married life."
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