Sunday, October 27, 2002

The Adventures of C-Dog

Went down to see the Reputation at the Met Cafe tonight. No such luck. They were leaving the stage just as we strolled in. The Secret Handshake, a local band playing their last show turned out to be the highlight of the evening. Joel, from the Reputation, seemed genuinely sorry that we'd come all the way down only to miss them. He seemed to think daylight savings time had messed everything up.

In other news, I took a jar of change to the grocery store, as I sometimes do, to use the Coinstar machine. I usually treat the proceeds of my coin jar as free money and buy a luxury item I wouldn't normally splurge on -- macadamia nuts, for example. This time it was one of those battery operated spinning tooth brushes. I love it. The thing is though, there are some things you need to know if you are using one for the first time. (1) Don't take the thing out of your mouth while it's still spinning. (2) It will make you drool like gangbusters. So, what you'll not want to do is, upon observing that you're are drooling like mad all down your hand, take the spinning brush out of your mouth to figure out what to do about the excessive drooling. What'll happen is this: toothpaste will be rocketed into your eyes and in the shock and confusion of the toothpaste assault, the spinning brush will slip out of your drool-soaked hand and continue spraying your mirror and the rest of your bathroom.
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