Sunday, August 12, 2001

Willington Pizza

Another weekend down. Back to work tomorrow. It just ain't right.

How'd the weekend go, you ask? Friday sucked, don't even go there. Saturday was a two parter: leg one was the drive to Glastonbury for a picnic with the fam, leg two was the trek up to W. Springfield to take the youngest bro and a couple of his boys to see Disturbed Theatre, a sketch comedy troupe who were OK, but have a long way to go to reach the level of The Reduced Shakespeare Co. -- a show I'd highly recommend if they're ever in your area. The DTs have a little cutie in the company, but my luck dictates that the part of the show that involves their mingling with audience featured a balding, chubby, sweaty guy rubbing up on me. Insult after injury. At least they served Spaten in the lobby.

You know what's good? Willington Pizza's Red Potato Pizza with broccoli and bacon. ~insert Homer's slavering drool sound here~ That was today's highlight. That and the Red Sox finally scoring some runs. Save some of those dingers for Thursday against Seattle when younger bro and I head to the Fens.
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