Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Not Objectivism Again

Ayn Rand's name has been popping up more than usual lately. Witness:
  • A week or so ago, I noticed a large sticker on the back window of an SUV which proclaimed in large box letters, "REASON". By tailgating, I was able to read the small print suggesting people "use it" and read Atlas Shrugged.
  • Earlier, a buddy of mine at work had raved about that same tome, something I hadn't heard anyone do since high school.
  • Yesterday, in a promo for a new fall series (Undeclared?), a character was reading cliff notes of a Rand book.
  • The latest reference to her legacy I've stumbled across is in the NYRB's review of two books on Alan Greenspan. Apparently, Greenspan is something of a Rand disciple and, according to the article, a confidante of her inner circle. (Whatever that means -- I'm guessing it's not exactly like being in the Algonquin Roundtable if dour Alan's in it.)
Is she coming back into vogue? Are we already awash in a tide of objectivism? I'm keeping my eye on this.
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