Friday, September 24, 2010

Two Robots Discuss the "Impending" Social Security "Crisis"

Making robots use profanity on the interweb, who knew it could be so diverting? And, yes, 2037 is when the impending crisis will occur if some minor changes aren't made in the next several years. Not so say we should wait 25 years to protect Social Security from insolvency, maybe once we've dealt with, y'know, the actual crises we're dealing with right now. And no, I don't think raising the retirement age is the right idea either, but it seems like we should have the actuarial tables and technology by now to figure out how much and when to pay out benefits without bankrupting system. Krugman has weighed in on this topic several times, including quite recently.

And yet, Nevada is threatening us all with Sharron Angle. And Pennsylvania is pointing Pat Toomey at us. Every time you hear "the Tea Party is making gains" on the news, remember that's the sound of our nation getting ready to roll the calendar back to the beginning of the 20th century and undo all the progressive gains we enjoy today.
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