Friday, September 24, 2010

2010 Escapism Film Festival | Durham, NC

2010 Escapism Film Festival:

Your favorite childhood movie heroes are back: Jack Burton, Buck Rogers, Admiral Kirk, Snake Plissken, Kermit the Frog, Indiana Jones, and so many more. From the imaginations of Steven Spielberg and Jim Henson to the extraordinary animation of Don Bluth and through the amazing designs of some of the greatest special effects wizardry in the movies, Escapism recaptures the magic of your favorite fantasy and adventure movies from the late Seventies and early eighties. The ones you remember watching with your friends on Saturday afternoon matinees during summer vacations. Timeless examples of what movies do best of all--free ranging fantasy adventure, epic in scale, heroic in concept, and imaginative in execution. They're fun movies. They're meant to be.

Despite modern advances in digital technology, these films will never look as good on DVD or Blu-Ray as they do when exhibited in their original 35mm formats. Anything other than 35mm is a reproduction of the original. We've spent months searching through studio archives to present some of the rarest prints in existence. The black monoliths of the Manhattan skyscrapers in Escape from New York, dark and seemingly lifeless, are much more menacing within the 1000-seat Fletcher Hall auditorium. Khan's ferocious attack on the Enterprise in Star Trek II is even more breathtaking when watched on a screen that's more than thirty feet wide. The eye-popping visual effects of Big Trouble in Little China are truy realized in a room whose history pre-dates the invention of color motion pictures. Escapism is proud that all of our films will screen exactly as the filmmakers intended, their visions unaltered, and no DVD or Blu-Ray reproductions.

Raiders on the big screen again! Such a great idea. My kids are a little too young to bring to this so it's probably not something I can do this year -- this is me pulling a sad face -- however, I heartily encourage my fellow Triangle-area denizens to pack the hall and make this thing a huge success so I can plan for future years.

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