Friday, September 24, 2010

"There’s an arrogance that has alchemized into real nastiness."

Aaron Sorkin, screenwriter of The Social Network, talks to Lynn Hirschberg about the film:

Sorkin (image via

What entranced Sorkin, who has always gravitated toward the overlapping and conflicting spheres of idealism and power, was the realization that the invention of Facebook contained all of his favorite themes: the longing for acceptance, the wish for success, the idea that work will give you a home, and that home will solve your problems. But just as Mark Zuckerberg, the computer whiz who dreamed up and developed Facebook as a Harvard sophomore in 2003, was sued by, among others, his original business partner, fellow student Eduardo Saverin, the flip side of the creation story is almost always the destruction of relationships. As Sorkin saw immediately in the proposal, the Facebook saga was the speeded-up version of nearly every business narrative: In just five years Facebook went from a dorm room prank to a global brand worth billions. In that story was the foundation for an even larger, classically American subject—what you lose when you win.

I have a feeling I'm going to watch The Social Network, then re-watch Citizen Kane. I'm skeptical Sorkin + Fincher can match Welles. But, I'm hoping that they can get close. Mys sense is it's Sorkin, of the two, that gives them the best chance of having created something worth mentioning in the same breath.
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