Thursday, September 30, 2010

"... It Takes Two to Lie. One to Lie and One to Listen." - Homer

'I faked religion to find a school' - Andrew Penman - The Independent -
My plea: guilty. I am an atheist, but for at least two years before my son reached primary-school age I went along to the local church, along with my wife. And so it came to pass that our son got the school place.

My mitigation is this: whose fault was it that we had to go to church to get our son into the local primary school? I didn't choose the selection criteria that meant that half the places were reserved for churchgoers, thus discriminating against local families who did not follow this particular brand of religion. This was not a situation of my choosing. I went to church under duress, because that was the only way to be sure of a place, even though that school was literally the other side of the road from our house. I didn't pretend to be a Christian for several years because I wanted to offend anyone, or because I thought it was fun – I promise you it wasn't.

This article deserves a serious discussion. If I were half the blogger I ought to be, I'd be dissecting the ridiculousness of the state (any government) using religion as an entry requirement for schools. But, honestly, I just keep cracking up at his quip on whether passing was fun, "I promise you it wasn't."
Homer "Passing"
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