Thursday, September 30, 2010

Studio 60: Where'd You Go?

I've been watching the criminally under-rated Studio 60 on Netflix the last few days. Enjoying it even more this time around. That was a heck of a cast they pulled together, from the leads to the minor characters, so many talented performers. It's only been three years since it went off air, but I figure it was largely ignored when it was on, and some of the actors went on to become famous (or near famous at least) in hit shows, so it might be worthwhile pulling together some where-are-they-now notes:

Bradley Whitford
Danny Tripp (Bradley Whitford): As I've mentioned previously, I'm still checking in occasionally to watch Mr. Whitford play it broad next to a plank of wood on the USA Network's The Good Guys. What? it's not on USA? Well, it sure looks like a USA show.
Matthew Perry
Matt Albie (Matthew Perry): He's got a few movie and TV appearances since Studio 60, but nothing I've seen or think I have any interest in seeing. I imagine in most minds he's still most famous for playing Chandler on Friends? He was hilarious, probably the best thing about that show. Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing his Mr. Sunshine; he's got some other Sorkin alums joining him: Allison Janney, with whom he worked on The West Wing, and Nate Torrence from Studio 60.
Amanda Peet

Jordan McDeere (Amanda Peet): A toothsome lass if ever there was one.(Toothsome, in my lexicon, is another way of saying "pretty girl with big teeth.") I last saw her on Letterman after the birth of her child. She's been working, but I wouldn't sit through 2012 to see here. She's been on HIMYM recently, so that'll probably be a "hey look, there's Jordan from Studio 60" moment sometime I bored and settle on a rerun. Probably won't see her in Jack Black's Gulliver's Travels either
Sarah Paulson

Harriet Hayes (Sarah Paulson): Ms. Paulson was given a tough task in Harriet Hayes, and she played the character well. Her reward for being a talented actress? She gets relegated to guest spots on primetime soaps. Meanwhile,  charmless stick-figure Angie Harmon gets the lead in Rizzoli & Isles. Hardly seems fair.
Nate Corddry
Tom Jeter (Nate Corddry): Why would anyone name a character "Jeter?" I have to spit like a gypsy after saying that name. Looks as if he's the only actor to crossover to 30 Rock from Studio 60? I see he's got a role in the new David E. Kelly legal drama, Harry's Law. That doesn't sound promising. They're still letting Kelly make legal dramas?
D. L. Hughley
Simon Stiles (D. L. Hughley): Mr. Hughley has primarily been working on D.L. Hughley Breaks the News recently, according to IMDB. Plus, he's got a Serbo-Croatian B movie coming out that looks like garbage. That's a shame.I vaguely remember some kind of controversy or legal trouble for D.L. but a quick search isn't giving up any particularly interesting details.
Steven Weber
Jack Rudolph (Steven Weber):It's been a long time since Wings. He's got a bunch of credits but they seem a bit beneath him, on the whole. He's guested on both Monk and Psych in recent years, but not in episodes I've seen.
Timothy Busfield
Cal Shanley (Timothy Busfield): Doing more directing than acting these days, looks like just one Law & Order appearance in front of the camera since Studio 60 ended but he's got his fingers in lots of pies on the other side of the lens.
Simon Helberg
Alex Dwyer (Simon Helberg): He's most famous now of course for The Big Bang Theory. Last I saw, his johnson was in the grip of a robotic masturbating arm. He also got moist to sidekick for Dr. Horrible. His Nic Cage was great on the show within the show in Studio 60.
Nate Torrence
Dylan Killington (Nate Torrence): The "Rook" on Studio 60 he's working with Matthew Perry again in the upcoming Mr. Sunshine.
Columbus Short
Darius Hawthorne (Columbus Short): I'll probably end up catching Death at a Funeral one of these days, so I'll seem him there at least. Most likely won't see any of the Stomp the Yard franchise though.
Kim Tao

Kim Tao (Julia Ling): She's been the heartbreaking Anna Wu on Chuck, but I'm not sure if her character will be back. Looks like she may be moving on to feature films, at least she's appearing in a little indie flick soon.
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