Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lost in the Trees | ACL Presents Satellite Sets

Lost in the Trees | ACL Presents Satellite Sets

The link is to a few songs recorded for the Austin City Limits "Satellite Stage" series. They've got a hard-to-categorize sound that makes use of accordion, french horn, and cello alongside the usual guitar, bass, drums line up.  They're not Arcade Fire sound-a-likes, nor are they what I'd call folk or roots music. The lead singer's beard would do any hipster proud and is a hint, but shouldn't be taken as a sure sign of dipshittery. I almost want to call them proggy, although they're really not -- it's the atmospheric/cinematic quality that sometimes feels a little too slow and dark that calls the prog label to mind -- so I don't know how to describe them. But, based on these songs and what I've heard on WKNC here and there, I like them more than what I've said here would lead you to believe.

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