Thursday, July 12, 2012

How pants overcame their barbarian stigma and we (mostly) stopped wearing kilts.

Cultural Evolution of Pants II | Social Evolution Forum

When horses were reintroduced to the Americas, Amerinds started wearing pants,  too.
... Wuling lamented, “It is not that I have any doubt concerning the dress of the Hu. I am afraid that everybody will laugh at me.” After musing that “The laughter of the stupid man is an affliction to the man of worth,” Wuling, nevertheless, decided that in the long run adopting the ‘barbarian’ dress will pay a dividend in an increased military efficiency and better prospects of expanding the state territory: “Even though it drives this generation to laugh at me, I shall undoubtedly possess the lands of the Hu and Ching-Shan.”
The Atlantic 

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