Friday, July 20, 2012

Adam Gopnik makes sense, drives gun-loving conservatives batshit.

The Aurora Movie Theatre Shooting and American Gun Culture : The New Yorker
In America, it has been, for so long now, the belief that guns designed to kill people indifferently and in great numbers can be widely available and not have it end with people being killed, indifferently and in great numbers. The argument has gotten dully repetitive: How does one argue with someone convinced that the routine massacre of our children is the price we must pay for our freedom to have guns, or rather to have guns that make us feel free? You can only shake your head and maybe cry a little. 
I made the mistake of reading a few of the comments on this article. One of the regressive's favorite lines in these situations is, "How dare you bring up gun control at a time like this! Let the families grieve in peace, you liberal scum!"

For example:

So here's how classy Republican gun fetishists create a healing environment of peace and calm so the families can grieve:

Thank you, COLORADO5280, for showing us how to be respectful of the grief of families whose children were murdered by a gun-wielding maniac.

Oh, and just so I'm clear, you're saying, essentially, no regulation can stop every crime, so clearly the solution is to not regulate anything?

Brilliant. (And, in case my sarcasm isn't evident, by "Brilliant," I mean, "This is among the stupidest arguments ever made. The people making it are among the stupidest people to ever live. Fuck me? No, fuck you.")

The debate can't wait. There is no better time to talk about firearm control than when people are paying attention to the fact firearms are too easily available. I don't know about you guys, but I'm not going knocking on the doors of the victims' families, intruding on their grief; I'm on a website, expressing my opinion. An opinion that can be ignored (which it is pretty much is) and bothers nobody except anyone who chooses to be bothered by it. Let's stop pretending shouting down calls to think rationally about regulating firearms is somehow showing consideration for the families in the wake of horrific explosions of gun violence.

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