Monday, July 9, 2012

♫ La Campanella - Adam Gyorgy (2007) ♫

Heard this on the way home from work and thought, "This fella seems to know a thing or two about ticklin' the eighty-eights." Can't be certain, but it sounded like he plays this a lot faster on his new release. (RIYL your music with lots of notes, played fast.)

Two classical music posts in a row. That's a first. The closest I've come to any kind of reference to classical music on here 'til now has probably been to mention what a great movie Amadeus is. Gyorgy, by the way, plays some Mozart on that new album.

Tune in again in ten years or so, classical music lovers, when I re-post this as part of my #tenyearslater series! It's likely to be slim pickings for you around here 'til then.

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