Thursday, July 19, 2012

Progress in my quest to sample every (reputable) food truck in the Triangle ...

Will & Pop's Menu

HOT HIPPY CHICK-- Jerk Chicken w/Guacamole & Habanero Cheddar
Review: The guys in the truck are very friendly, they had some reggae playing to mellow the mood in the line and make the not inconsiderable wait to order, then for the food, more tolerable.

I would've sliced the chicken in my Hot Hippy Chick instead of using large chunks, and probably would've gone just a tad jerkier ... but, all in all, a mighty fine sandwich. I'm not sure it was $8 fine -- felt more like a $5 sandwich to me -- but I would certainly try one of their other sandwiches if the opportunity presented itself.

In relation to Big Mike's BBQ (outstanding, and a good value) and the Only Burger (ace burger, a little pricey) I'd put Will & Pop's right up there with them, probably in 3rd place, but not by much.

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