Friday, July 27, 2012

Have you subscribed to Sparky's List by @tomtomorrow yet?


I just subscribed, and eagerly await the ability to see new This Modern World comics before they're published, so satire like this hits my inbox piping hot from the brain oven!

Daily Kos: Boxed in

Mr. Tomorrow, if you happen to see this, what's the policy on sharing a snippet (such as the above) of one of the list comics to entice any readers I might have to subscribe as well? Will the email from the list say one way or the other whether some limited form of sharing is allowed or encouraged?

I won't share anything until it's published unless I understand from you or from the list terms (if there are any?) that it's OK to do.

If sharing a snip from a comic is permissible, I'd appreciate a "you go, boyo," so I know I'm in the clear.

Warm regards,

Chris (@cdogzilla)

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