Friday, July 20, 2012

Tim Pawlenty is not a serious person, can't be taken seriously. Period.

From Rival To Running Mate? Possible For Pawlenty : NPR

"I don't know if he's not listening or he doesn't care or he doesn't understand, but we've had enough of his teleprompter speeches," Pawlenty said of Obama, speaking to a crowd of Romney supporters at a stop in Pittsburgh.
Before I go off on a rant here, let me remind you of this, from just a few days ago:
Here's my point. Tim Pawlenty knows, and Mitt Romney knows, that "teleprompter" is not an issue. Mitt Romney uses a teleprompter, and uses it poorly, kind of like a moron. If it were an issue in Tim Pawlenty's mind (which we know it really isn't), then he would have to have a bigger problem with Romney, as has been amply demonstrated. If he's simply unaware Romney also uses teleprompters, and uses them like a semi-literate chimp to boot, then Pawlenty is too stupid to be considered for any public office.

Too mendacious and/or too stupid, that's all we've got with these guys.

This teleprompter line of criticism can only ever be used by cynical, pandering, dissembling goons. That's it. There is no other type of person who does this. If you are that sort of person, you should not be taken seriously. We shouldn't see reporting about what you are saying except to report on what a cynical, pandering, dissembling idiot you are. And then you should be ignored. Tim Pawlenty should be ignored because he is not a serious person. He proves it every time he opens his mouth and something like "teleprompter" comes out.

That Tim Pawlenty is taken seriously by anyone (especially the press) should, I think, be insulting to all of us. Nobody should give a crap what guys like this have to say. Public service is serious business for serious people, or it ought to be.

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